Cast & Crew

Project Produced, Conceived, & Written by Jenifer Neils – Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History and Classics

Video Directed & Edited by Jared Bendis – Creative New Media Officer – The Kelvin Smith Library

The 12 Olympian Gods:

Aphrodite – Austin Howell
Apollo – Timothy Twombley
Ares – Sarah Lin
Artemis – Roshie Ahmadian-Tehrani
Athena – Jacqueline Santiago
Demeter – Kristen Herdman
Dionysos – Rachel Hunt
Hera – Rachel Gardner*
Hermes – Sabrina Herman
Hephaistos – Marshall Hughes
Poseidon – Ryan Carr
Zeus – Zachary Kloss*
Hebe (cupbearer for the gods) – Sarah Doody*
*Volunteers – not members of the seminar course.

Catherine Albers, Professor of Theater
Ross Duffin, Kulas Professor of Music
Rachel Sternberg,  Professor of Classics


Props/Costume Manager – Roshie Ahmadian-Tehrani
Web Development/Research – Sabrina Herman & Jared Bendis
Photography & Illustrations – Austin Howell, Jacqueline Santiago, & Jared Bendis
Music Supervisor – Sarah Lin
Script Editing – Rachel Hunt
Budget – Marshall Hughes
Staging – Timothy Trombley
Graphic Design – Kristen Herdman

Funding and Support Provided By:

Nord Grant for Innovation in Teaching – UCITE

The Samuel B. & Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning, and Multimedia Services Center

Department of Art History and Art, Case Western Reserve University

Filmed at The Cleveland Museum of Art